Unveiling of the Spring Eye fixture in Arnhem

By 15 April 2018 April 29th, 2019 NEWS

Amsterdam, 15 december 2017 -on 14 December young sled, was Unveiled By Alderman Geert Rafaat Of The municipality of Arnhem the Redesign Of the Velperpoort Station Square. In the present of several invited guests including representatives of ProRail, Municipality of Arnhem, the shopkeepers Association Stone Street, the Province Of Gelderland and the NS was stopped by the eventful history of this square and the bright future. The area has undergone a complete metamorphosis and has become accessible and livable. ATELIER LEK has created the lighting plan And the municipality has opted For The Spring Eye fixtures from Lightwell to the Design Of Paco Bunnik.

For Lightwell, the revelation is extra festive, as it creates a wonderful starting point for this special fixture and a long-running development trajectory has been completed. Light Well engineer Florian Mesch about this: “The Spring Eye is complex to make by its form. For his design, Paco Bunnik is inspired by spring, on flowered buds to a branch. To achieve this, the design must be completely flat, with smooth lines. In Addition, light comfort in an urban environment is of great importance, so in both form and technique we have laid the bar very high. Wonderful that with this great task we can now complete this development phase “.

If you as a reader have become curious about the result, next Saturday is an excellent moment to visit the location. There is a winter market in the square from 14:00 hours.