25th of August 2017, Alderman Kees Vortman signed on behalf of the municipality of Son and Breugel and Hay Dohmen, establishment Manager Ziut, the specialized company in the field of public lighting, the contract, which provides for the placement of 351 new luminaires (including Sonniuspark), replacement of 1,456 depreciated luminaires and equipped with over 4,700 lighting fixtures of LED illumination of which 2,200 luminaires come from Lightwell. Ziut has come as a winning party from the public tender and all public lighting in the municipality will be ‘ledded’ at one time.
This makes the city Council succeed with its sustainability ambitions. The municipality has conformed to the national energy agreement to save in 2030 50% on the energy consumption of public lighting.
By using the current lighting at once to build sustainable LED lighting, the municipality immediately meets this ambition. The public lighting complies with the ROVL Standard and the municipality saves 450,000 KWh electricity annually, which is approximately 50% of the current energy consumption for public lighting. In addition, substantial savings will be achieved on the maintenance of public lighting. This conversion will also significantly reduce the number of disturbances to public lighting. The city Council of Son and Breugel has decided to carry out the operation at once. This will immediately achieve maximum energy and cost savings, while also making a procurement advantage through purchase at one time. With the replacement and transition to LED lighting an amount of approximately €2 million is involved. On event squares and in the shopping area in the center comes LED lighting that can be controlled remotely. In addition, in the context of road safety, among other pedestrians in the centre area, there are autonomously working Solar LED signal givers (single-sided blinking).

Get started!
With an installation speed of approximately 300 fixtures per week, Ziut is finishing this job thanks to Lightwell’s fast delivery service. The installation of new luminaires, as in Sonniuspark, is already on its way in mid-September. Fixing led luminaires from mid-October.
On March 1, 2018 the project will be done. After delivery, Ziut also provides the maintenance of the installation and has 24-hour breakdown service.

Ziut informs the public about the work in Son & Breugel and in cooperation with the municipality is also a project-website which will be used to find the phased planning. Prior to the extensive task, residents are invited to a presentation on the Sustainability Market, which will take place on Tuesday evening, October 10 , on the day of sustainability, a presentation that, if necessary, is held more frequently Is.

Photo: Alderman Kees Vortman (left) and Hay Dohmen.