Park Grevelingenhout – Sustainable character with dimmable public lighting.

Lightwell has made a delivery of 120 Friso Kramer Indirect luminaires in the past period. In the evening and night, the luminaires are dimmed to 50, which amounts to about 16 watts of energy savings. All in all, this gives a total saving of about 50 energy. This means that ‘Park Grevelingenhout’ will now meet the 2030 standards in terms of public lighting.

“50% energy savings at OVL and VRIs in 2030 compared to 2013”

To get close to the old “fairytale” yellow light colour, the Foundation and Lightwell have chosen LED with 2200 kelvin that gives a beautiful warm light colour. Park Grevelingenhout gets a new fixture that fits into the ambiance of the bungalow park.