Re-exposed the Amsterdam road in Amersfoort.

The municipality of Amersfoort has asked the Kruijter Public Lighting from Doorn for a replacement plan for the current lighting along the Amsterdam road. It is a main route that connects Amersfoort Centre to one of the largest industrial sites of the municipality. A high-speed cycle route is also planned on this main route. The challenge of the design is to maintain the locations of the existing light poles and with minimal adjustments also the bike path located on both sides of the very busy roadway, easy to illuminate.

“This is a huge challenge because the current low pressure sodium lighting provides a lot of stray light making the environment clearly visible. With LED, there is a more focused beam and therefore less stray light, which increases the risk of uneven dark spots on the road surface. That is not the intention, of course. To illuminate the environment properly, it is necessary to choose in the LED fixture that lens or beam that illuminates the environment to the maximum.
The choice has been made on the Lightwell Luxis Small with DSN1 C optics, because this fixture has a bundle that can be applied on the entire Amsterdam road without too many different embodiments such as lenses/mirrors and lumen spokes.
If the K curve (also called a use curve) is looked at, it can be seen that the fixture produces a useful rear stray light, which in this situation has a positive effect on the evenness of the lighting and visibility of the environment.
Making a lighting plan is a profession and especially when it comes to converting an existing situation into LED it is a challenging puzzle that involves quite a bit of material and light-technical knowledge. After all, safety goes above all else and stopping time at the front saves a lot of costs and annoyance afterwards.”
Nico de Kruijter – Light Expert Public Lighting.

Luxis SRDS2
These Luxis luminaires have an integrated ‘Outdoor LED controller’ from Luminext (OLC300S).
This allows, among other things, that the fixture:

  • remote ly controlled is
  • dynamically illuminated with dimming schedules
  • on demand can illuminate with sensors
  • provide greater security with emergencies
  • saves time with automatic interference detection
  • energy consumption and costs monitor
In addition, the luminaires are also equipped with a Zhaga connector that will allow additional sensors to be used when needed in the future.
This means that the Amsterdam road is now Smart City proof and ready for the future!

“Amersfoort is a birthplace for my family. I am proud that I got Amersfoort as a new customer and was allowed to supply luminaires for this beautiful city.”
Eric Tolboom– Senior Account Manager Central and South Netherlands.

Lightwell thanks the Municipality of Amersfoort, Van Gelder Traffic Engineering,Manager Public Lighting and Engineering Firm Amersfoort: Sake Branches and engineering firm de Kruijter public lighting.

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