Luxis SRDS2 | Smart lighting technology

The Luxis SRDS2 is the ultimate all-rounder. The fixture can be from 500lm to over 9000lm, making it suitable for all conceivable profiles within a municipality. There are versions specially designed for cycle paths, neighborhood access roads, crosswalks and industrial applications. In addition, there is special fauna-friendly lighting, and the luminaires can of course be equipped with all conceivable Smart Lighting systems via the Zhaga connector. Due to its minimalist Dutch Design, the SRDS2 fits perfectly into the streets everywhere, as can be seen in various municipalities such as Almere, Rotterdam, Heerhugowaard and Hengelo.

The Luxis family is designed to fit Smart Lighting technology and is designed in such a way that hardware adjustments can easily be made to the luminaire after installation.


Technical Information