LoRa | A wireless data network with nation-wide coverage

The LoRa TeleController makes use of LoRa, a new, reliable long-range wireless data network. It is the ideal way to connect devices that use very little energy and transmit only few data to the internet – without the intervention of local gateways or mesh networks. LoRa has nation-wide coverage in the Netherlands, and is embraced by an international consortium of leading industrial and telecom firms, including Actility, Semtech, IBM and Cisco.




Controlling Outdoor Lighting

It’s important that our streets and public places are safe. That’s why you invest substantially in public lighting. But you can’t always control the lighting with the precision you’d like – when it comes on or goes off, when it could be dimmer or when it really needs to be turned up. What’s more, to know whether your lighting is working well, you have to rely on incidental citizens’ reports or on your own expensive and time-consuming inspection rounds. Of course, you can install a remote lighting management system, to control the lighting at a distance. But such systems are expensive and often not sufficiently reliable.

Special Features

* Lamps can be switched or dimmed separately
* Local dimming and/or switching regime can be programmed per day
* Dimming regimes can be adjusted remotely
* Malfunctions are directly reported to your own back office or Ziut’s City Control Room
* Up to 15 other devices can also be connected

Compact and Flexible

The LoRa TeleController is much easier to install and use than conventional telemanagement systems, and it is much more cost-effective. It consists of two modules. The LoRa module (the ‘fin’) manages the communications, while the control module operates the driver or ballast in the luminaire. Thanks to its compact size, the LoRa module can be mounted on individual light masts, wherever is most convenient: on or under the luminaire, on the arm, or on the mast. It can even be mounted in the luminaire itself, provided that reach is not affected.

The LoRa network – a wealth of opportunities

The LoRa TeleController is made of plastic and fits into any luminaire. Although compact, it has a strikingly attractive, modern design. The LoRa TeleController can control much more than just luminaires. Up to 15 additional devices can be connected, such as litter bins, fire and smoke alarms, traffic systems and more.

Technical Possibilities

Malfunction report options
* Measuring current at light source
* Using DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) to report malfunctions
* Using DALI to report on other data
* Measuring current use, based on illumination time per dimming setting

Dimming regimes
* Different dimming regime per day of the week
* Up to 20 different dimming settings per 24 hours
* Easy to vary remotely
* Keeps working even if network is down

Dimming and switching options
* Dimming by steps of 1-10 V
* Dimming by using DALI
* Switching by using relays
* Switching by sending DALI commands

LoRa TeleController as part of Smart City

More and more objects in public spaces are linked to the internet so that they can be operated remotely or transmit data. These devices range from air-quality monitors and litter bins that report when they’re full to sensors for measuring ground-water levels and even cars that drive themselves. Ziut’s LoRa TeleController is part of this growing trend, and with it, Ziut is making a significant contribution to Smart City – the intelligent town of the future, in which everything is connected with everything else by digital technology. Smart City will be safer, healthier, more comfortable, more energy-efficient and cheaper to run.