Lightwell wins tender AREWAL, Belgium

We are proud to inform you that Lightwell has won the great tender of Arewal, in Belgium! It involves the delivery of 4,500 fixtures from the successful Luxis series in combination with Zhaga or Nema connector. In addition, it is expected that approximately 50% of the luminaires will be equipped with smart telemanagement. In the tender, the awarded criteria were price, lighting technology/standardization, quality, delivery times and energy efficiency of Lightwell.
The contract has a maturity of 4 years and deliveries will start early 2nd quarter of this year.


Arewal is a collaboration (purchasing combination) of 3 electricity network companies: REW (Réseaux des energies de Wavre), AIEG (Association intercommunal d’électricité et De gaz) et AIESH (Association intercommunal D’électricité du Sud du Hainaut). The network companies operate in 14 cities and towns in Wallonia, of which Wavre, Andenne and Chimay (of the Trappist beer) are the best known. The area encompasses both urban and rural surroundings with more than 100,000 inhabitants.


Lightwell is an Amsterdam manufacturer of Luminaires and Smart City solutions. Dutch Design, socially involved, Made in Holland, innovative and Open Source are the core values of the company.

“Director Peter-Paul Metz on this assignment: ” We are delighted to be able to help Arewal with the Zhaga standardization and to make it possible to reach telemanagement applications via this open interface. In addition, Lightwell gives an interpretation of its international ambitions.

Lightwell luminaires are available in Belgium via Axioma N. V.; In France via 3Elements.