Lightwell introduces animal-friendly lighting in the Veluwe

With this we help the nocturnal animals on the way to a more pleasant existence. With this innovation we take into account light pollution and for example the bat routes that run right through our country. The Luxis fixture can now be equipped with animal-friendly lighting where the fixture will shine 3000Kelvin in rush hour, and will be dimmed in off-peak hours in the evening and night with a Kelvin strength of 2200 (amber coloured). Several studies have shown that this amber light significantly disturbs the life of the night. So we are all happy, human and animal.

In Ede, animal-friendly lighting from Lightwell is placed to ensure that all animals on the Veluwe feel comfortable and safe according to the designers. And not just that.

The ecological structure is guaranteed in this way, but it does not come at the expense of bicycle safety. So it also adds something to humans: a double marketing insight.

Lighting that is ideal for bats and other animals, but also for cyclists in rush hour. For the district under construction near the old Friso barracks in Ede, Lightwell develops such luminaires, which adapt to the rich fauna of the Veluwe.

Lightwell’s smart technology makes the lighting easy to operate by the municipality of Ede. The luminaires will be hung in the streets of The Barracks, as the new building area is called. Here it will be busy with cyclists and other traffic in rush hour. In the night this is a different story, the designers explain. ‘Then nocturnal animals have free reign, because the grounds of the former barracks are on the edge of the Veluwe. The municipality considers it important that the new neighbourhoods are in balance with the nature reserve.’

Too fanatical street lighting is nocturnal animals an eyesore and disturbs the ecological structure. Lightwell, a specialist in innovative design lighting, devised an LED light source that can switch between animal-friendly light and functional light. By controlling the intelligent remote control system, the municipality of Ede can set this ‘ordinary’ light (about 3000 kelvin) in rush hour. At night, the municipality switches to the animal-friendly variant (2200 kelvin). ‘The animal-friendly light is warm, a bit amber,’ says sales director Virgil Warnars of Lightwell, who immediately gives an example of a species that benefits from it. ‘Scientific research shows that bats found in the area suffer a lot from normal LED lighting, but much less from the lighting we are going to put on it.’

Safety for everything
He stresses that innovative lighting does not eat into road safety. ‘Road safety is always paramount. This is a responsible solution where the knife cuts on two sides. We can quickly adapt the lighting to scientific ally insight. The luminosity can be adjusted very easily and we are able to mix light colours in an ingenious way,’ says Virgil Warnars.

Ready for the future
Both in the municipality of Ede and in science, there is more and more attention to the pressurised wildlife on and around the Veluwe. The science around enlightenment and the world of animals is in its infancy, but is on the rise. That’s why Lightwell makes the lighting future-proof. If Wageningen University finds out in three years’ time that a certain hedgehog species from the Veluwe will thrive better with a certain light colour or strength, the municipality of Ede can respond to this. Warnars: ,,We can quickly adapt the lighting to new scientific insight. The luminosity can be adjusted very easily and we are able to mix light colours in an ingenious way. Innovation is foresight.’

About Lightwell
‘Lightwell’s team of engineers and industrial designers has set itself the goal of providing society with the latest Smart City technology. By combining design with intelligent lighting systems, Lightwell has gained a prominent place in the public lighting market; the company operates in several European countries, including Austria, France, Belgium and Sweden. Lightwell produces in the Netherlands by using people with a distance from the labour market at the factory in Almere. The Amsterdam office is the base where plans are devised to help municipalities practically fulfil their green and future-proof ambitions. Lightwell shapes a healthier world in many ways. More info click here.’

(source: Lightwell)