The municipality of Heerhugowaard has awarded the delivery of 700 pieces of public lighting fixtures after a long and intensive process to Lightwell, the Amsterdam lighting and Smart City Company. The luminaires will be placed before the end of December in the Station district and are technically optimized for the specific wishes of this North Holland Municipality.

In Terms of light image, comfort and energy saving, Heerhugowaard wants to create an optimal balance. Administrator Ron Nadort asked consultancy firm NeOVL to bring this innovative desire to the market and on the basis of that question some of the leading companies were selected. An electrotechnical solution was Also asked for the problem of the high switching power when turning on installations. Lightwell has found a solution that enables 80 luminaires to be placed on one phase group. Product Manager Franck Sicot: “Heerhugowaard has made very specific demands on the load. At least 60 fixtures must fit 1 connector. By selecting a special driver, we can now dispose of many more fixtures, 80 pieces, without the switch-on peak to cause problems. We have good experience from the previous tender, which we have already won. As a result, we also dare to enter the 20-year service contract. In a way we provide the municipality of Light as a service, because all the technology and quality are guaranteed by US including service contract. With this Luxis luminaire we feel good and because the light image, partly by applying curved glass as the best of the compare, the inhabitants will experience 20 years of pleasant and pleasant light.