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Fitto | A revolutionary lighting design



Fitto is a smart-light fitting room developed for clothing and cosmetics retailers. Your customers can change the light in the fitting room or at a mirror from daylight to candlelight or the light in an office or school at the touch of a button.

Did the color of those pants match the line in your shirt exactly?
What does my outfit look like in daylight?
Fitto brings the solution.

Why Fitto?
In addition to being elegant in design, it is out
Research has shown that women make a purchase less quickly because the fitting room is not equipped with the correct lighting for a dark or light clothing item. Many women prefer bright light, while others feel more comfortable with dimmed warm light and / or daylight. The interactive Fitto comes with a soft-touch control panel and a built-in infrared motion sensor. This allows users to adjust the color temperature of the panel and the light strips. The control panel has three settings: “daylight”, “studio” and “candlelight”. Each institution creates a unique, customized atmosphere. When a key is touched, the previous light setting blends into the newly selected light setting.



Fitto | A Revolutionary light design

Welcome to the FITTO page dedicated to the revolutionary product of Lightwell. This lighting system has been inspired by buyers’ reviews about their fitting room experiences. Fitto incorporates the features that make your customers feel more confident in the fitting room of the shop and thus more happy about the apparel. Read more about the concept and features.

Why Fitto?
The dressing room is the place in the store where people make their final purchase decision. Research has shown that 68% of the customers that fit an item, actually buy the item (Envision Retail Ltd.). One of the factors for making the customer buy the clothes, depends on how the customer feels in the clothes when trying. In a fitting room, the customer is confronted with his own reflection and when lighting isn’t done right, the customer will likely not buy the product you want to sell. Fitto dressing room lighting provides light settings which can be adjusted by the customer, which eventually enhances the sales.


Try Fitto, and see your sales grow!
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Fitto | A revolutionary lighting design

Lightwell’s Fitto is a revolutionary lighting design for clothing and beauty retailers. It allows your customers to change the lighting in dressing rooms or close to a mirror, to see in daylight, candlelight or office lighting as needed.

“Does the color of these pants match the stripes of my T-shirt? How do I look in this bathing suit in daylight?” Such questions are easy to answer with the Fitto.


Fitto | A revolutionary light and design

The Fitto by Lightwell is a revolutionary light and design designed for clothing and cosmetics stores. The Fitto allows your customers to change the light, fitting room or mirror, to display their reflection in a clear way, and even with daylight, candles or the office.

Do the colors of these pants agree with the bands of my T-shirt? What do I look like in this swimsuit with the light of day? Such questions are simple to answer with Fitto.