EasyAir SNO110 | Smart Street Lighting.

Bluetooth-configurable GPS outdoor controller


EasyAir SNO110 is ideally suited for outdoor applications and is intended for individual control and configuration of posts. It automatically connects to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to get date and time information in real time. On / off switching and 5-step DynaDimmer programming based on date and time can be configured using Bluetooth communication. That is why this device can easily replace a photocell or LineSwitch based control mechanism. EasyAir SNO110 works with Xitanium SR drivers via a 3-core interface via the standardized interface SR connector. The result is a sustainable, cost-effective and easy-to-design solution that is ideal for saving energy. An intuitive app called EasyAir SNO provides quick and easy access control and device configuration during and after installation.

Features EasyAir SNO110

  • Compact size; 3-wire connection

  • Works with Xitanium SR drivers with AUX power

  • Global Positioning System that provides accurate location and time information

  • Easy configuration with SimpleSet / NFC in the factory

  • Under the pole configuration with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with smartphone app

  • Simple intuitive app for access control and configuration

  • Safe NFC and BLE configuration

Easyair SNO110 consists of

  • A SimpleSet/NFC antenna to work with smartphone app

  • A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) receiver to work with smartphone app

  • A GPS antenna to get accurate position/time information from satellites

  • A light sensor which activates when GPS signal is unavailable


EasyAir SNO110 is mounted on SR connector via twist and lock mechanism. The SR connector is connected via 3 wires to SR-, SR+ and AUX terminals of Xitanium SR outdoor driver. For more details on SR connector, please visit the website of Tyco Electronics – www.te.com/usa-en/product-2213858-1.html

EasyAir SNO App

EasyAir SNO App is available on Google Play Store for free download. Any user must first register for the app to receive login credentials; following which app login can be done. For more information on app usage along with recommended mobile phones, please visit our website – www.lighting.philips.co.uk/oem-emea/products/easy-to-integrate-wireless-sensors