Innovative tender led luminaires Drechtsteden

The municipalities of Dordrecht, Sliedrecht and Alblasserdam have recently completed a selection process for LED luminaires for many years. This has brought an innovative tender to a successful conclusion.

LED lighting lasts a long time, but it is often difficult for municipalities to select a good LED fixture for the long term. Which supplier is willing to provide a long-term guarantee? In contrast to conventional lighting, an LED luminaire is an integrated whole, so it is no longer visible to the naked eye whether the LED product meets expectations. This poses a number of new challenges for the municipality, the lighting installer and the suppliers of the LED luminaires. The municipality needs knowledge to be able to assess the quality of an LED system that is increasingly clogged, the installer must have the knowledge to maintain the new technology well and the suppliers of the luminaires will have to determine how they Can guarantee the various purchased parts.

Tender in co-creation
The approach of the three Drechtsteden cities is unique. Where in most places the market takes control of the municipalities, the Drechtsteden have focused on knowledge sharing to jointly determine the solution for all parties.

The management and maintenance of public lighting is carried out by Ziut until 2022. The Drechtsteden have therefore requested the new LED lighting together with this contractor, whereby Ziut purchases the materials and takes care of the installation. The municipalities monitor the guarantee and ensure the continuity in image quality of the public space. After this selection process, Lightwell, Philips and Lightronics have been selected to provide the Drechtsteden cities up to 2022 with led luminaires.

The signing of a contract
Johan Jonker, administrator of the city of Dordrecht, is very pleased with the result, he replied during the contract signing on Tuesday, January 30th to the selected parties: “I have deployed quality and durability. All luminaires are comprehensive and independent of light quality, energy consumption and of course price compared to each other. There were 7 suppliers who were involved in the total of over 30 luminaires, so the choice was very spacious. The winners will enter a guarantee contract of more than 20 years with the municipalities. Because we, as municipalities, have been so thorough, I have every confidence that we will be able to get through this period without any problems.

Jan Booij, cluster Manager within the municipality is also enthusiastic: “We really need the business community in order to fulfill our own innovative ambitions. It is wonderful how we can achieve this sustainability through this process. Companies such as Lightwell, Philips and Lightronics make luminaires with which we can really achieve our goals in the coming years. As far as I am concerned, this is a textbook example for Dutch municipalities how you can guarantee quality in the process so that innovations will be realized.

The first luminaires will be installed from mid-April. It is expected that by the end of the contract period 40 of the luminaires in the region will consist of LED luminaires, with which the Drechtsteden cities make the municipality a significant contribution to the climate objectives.