CityTouch | Smart Street Lighting.

Become a smart city with connected lighting

CityTouch is a security management platform for connected lighting from Signify that helps cities to become more vibrant, efficient and sustainable.

CityTouch offers complete visibility and control over the street lighting of your city from a central control panel that allows you to safely monitor light points, set schedules and adjust light levels on demand. Data encryption and two-factor authentication ensure that the software meets the strictest security standards.

Easy-to-use web applications provide a complete overview of your connected street lights and that allows you to manage workflows and deploy maintenance teams only when and where needed. System data gives you virtually real-time insight into energy consumption and costs, which helps you plan and schedule more efficiently.

Philips CityTouch Ready luminaires integrate seamlessly with the CityTouch platform. Your existing fixtures can also be made CityTouch Ready with a node or connector kit, or you can select fixtures from our list of certified partners. Whichever CityTouch Ready luminaires you choose, CityTouch offers you complete flexibility with open standards and easy integration with other intelligent platforms and IoT devices, ensuring that you keep pace with trends in smart cities both now and in the future.

Benefits of CityTouch at a glance.

  • Better decision making

Manage lighting, measure energy consumption, monitor system health and diagnose problems from a single intuitive control panel.

  • Short payback period

Switching to LED street lighting immediately lowers energy costs. By combining LEDs with the insight into consumption and remote diagnosis that are available with the InterAct lighting management system, you save even more and that helps you to earn back your investment even faster.

  • Flexible with open standards

InterAct can be integrated with a resource management system and any type of fixture, giving you the freedom to choose the supplier that works best for your city. Certified suppliers provide CityTouch Ready luminaires that automatically connect to the CityTouch system.

  • Future-proof and safe
This is an open system that supports sensors, cameras and other IoT devices to enable smart services in the future. With special user functions and fully encrypted data streams, the system meets the highest security standards. Regular software updates ensure that your system is always up-to-date.
  • Easy to upgrade or expand

This secure system is easy to use and to use and works with both new and existing fixtures to connect to all smart lighting in your city. For existing street lamps that are not compatible with CityTouch, you can easily mount an CityTouch connector kit in each mast.