Lightwell scores in Drechtsteden cities

By 15 April 2019 August 21st, 2019 NEWS

Lightwell once again succeeded in achieving sustainability in the Drechtsteden cities.

In the context of the sustainability of the Netherlands, the Drechtsteden cities want to switch to Led lighting within the parcels that fall under the cycle paths, District Access Roads, residential inheritance and residential streets. It is often difficult for municipalities to find a right supplier, which meets the requirements in terms of quality, durability and thus the future. But with Lightwell we fell nose-down into the butter (Dutch saying to become very lucky), according to the representative of the Drechtsteden cities.

“I’ve been betting on quality and durability. All Luminaires are comprehensive and independent of light quality, energy consumption and of course the price compared to each other. I can conclude that I am very happy with the result. ” Johan Jonker-Administrator Dordrecht

The Drechtsteden cities of Dordrecht, Alblasserdam and Sliedrecht have joined forces and have entered into a unique partnership with contractor Ziut.
Together They have made a call for tender in the form of Led Mast luminaires to achieve the EU’s energy standards.
More than 7 suppliers competed with a total of over 30 luminaires. As the winner with the Luxis Small fixture, Lightwell has won 3 out of 5 plots.
The first luminaires will be installed in Mid-April.

“We, as municipalities, really need the business community to fulfil our own innovative ambitions.” It is wonderful how we can achieve this sustainability through this process. Companies like Lightwell make luminaires with which we can really achieve our objectives in the coming years. It is a textbook example for Dutch municipalities how you can guarantee quality in the process so that innovations will be realised. ” Jan Booij – Cluster Manager

“This partnership is rare in quality” Spokesman For Ziut

Lightwell is proud to be selected by the Drechtsteden cities as its supplier. It is Particularly valuable that in this award procedure for the final authorisation the Lightwell luminaires have been extensively tested for energy efficiency by the client.


Peter-Paul Metz- CEO Lightwell

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