By 14 September 2017 April 22nd, 2019 NEWS

Luminaires Register

[: nl] Amsterdam, 14 september 2017 -Lightwell has registered with the armature REGISTER of OVLNL. This step has been taken to make the product portfolio more transparent. Lightwell is with the LUXIS luminaire line not only in the Netherlands but I have a lot of active in Belgium. At The southern neighbours, the LUXIS series has already been certified (approved) by the Belgian certification Authority Synergrid and can therefore be sold well by partner Axiom. In Addition, the luminaires are also ENEC and CB certified by the DEKRA on both isolation Class 1 and 2. With the installation in the Luminaires register this data is further objectively laid out for all OVL professionals. Lightwell will be the first to place the LUXIS-SMALL (SRDS) Here, later followed by the other LUXIS luminaires as well as the FRISO KRAMER luminaire line (both direct and indirect).