Lightwell illuminates the Marineterrein

By 15 April 2019 August 21st, 2019 NEWS

Amsterdam, 15 december 2017 -the Marineterrein is the festive centerpiece of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2017-18. The Friso Kramer luminaires that illuminate the terrain are full of spot lights. The Marineterrein is designed as a living-lab with its own private LoRa network. All masts have been made suitable for subsequent expansions and thus become carriers of future innovations. How This further form will be picked up by Lightwell and the Marineterrein organisation in collaboration with Amsterdam Smart City and Ziut/SPIE.

Lightwell thanks all of her relationships for the good support this past year. This was an eventful year with various challenges, product introductions, new leadership and we end up celebrating the completion of the Spring Eye project in Arnhem.

We wish you all a prosperous 2018!