in Memoriam: Friso Kramer (1922-2019)

By 21 February 2019 April 22nd, 2019 NEWS

Friso Kramer, the designer behind the Friso Kramer LED fixture is Deceased.

Industrial designer Friso Kramer died in Amsterdam at the age of 96. His family announced this in a death announcement in NRC.
Lightwell looks back with pride on the moments that Friso came to our office to talk about his designs. His insights, vision and drive radiated to us and gave the small Lightwell team the courage to enter the public lighting market with its design. In memory of his all-decisive influence on the development of Lightwell, a collage of images, experiences and moments. These make a close cooperation clear, certainly in the years 2011 to 2015, when there was often daily contact between Friso and the team. His wife Netty was always immensely important in this regard, she often gave him a firm grip and could remind him, where necessary, of another appointment, as Friso again held a beautifully glowing speech about the essence of design in its purest form. These moments will live most in Lightwell’s memory, and the team is always grateful to him for that.
Friso, rest in peace.