EVS32-Lightwell x Dutch Pavilion in Lyon.

This year’s EVS takes place in Europe, to be precise in Lyon, France from 19 to 22 May 2019. It marks the 50 anniversary of the event, which boldly claims the title of “First pan-European e-mobility event” this year, and at least the most existing forum for electrical mobility on the continent.

The 50th edition of the Electric Vehicle Symposium covers a total of eight themes, which will be discussed in a series of eight AEC2019 sessions, including important explanations by leading experts from the event partners and Roundtables. The topics of this year include autonomous vehicles, Charging infrastructure, battery technology, mobility services, Smart grid V2X, hydrogen, electric heavy transport and urban mobility.

The partners include industry experts from ABB, Avere, CHAdeMO, Huber + Suhner, Hubject, Ionity, Nissan and Tritium, as well as many companies and organisations around new energy mobility from all over Europe, including this year Lightwell. In order to prepare the incoming shift to electrical mobility, the symposium aims to “fully understand how new technology will be used for future mobility, as well as the related business models and issues surrounding social Acceptability. ” Michelin is also listed as a Gold sponsor for the event, as well as for the Zero Emission Valley project (more on this later).

The program comprises a total of more than 150 lectures for three days, as well as the AEC2019 programme, which includes the eight sessions mentioned above. There is also a more interactive approach in the Ride & Drive Zone, which offers visitors the opportunity to try out the newest electric vehicles “from scooters to cars and bikes”. Concurrentievermogenclusters and national pavilions also provide room for facilitating contact and discussion between companies and national delegations, including their own events programme and meeting rooms.

The speakers for the event include Elisabeth Borne, the French Minister for energy transition and solidarity, Gilles Normand, of the Division electric vehicles at Renault, Philippe Monloubou, chairman of the Board of Directors of Enedis, Prince Albert II, of Monaco, Espen Hauge, president of Avere and WEVA, and Laurent Wauquiez, president of the Auvergne Regional Council Rhône-Alpes.

The location choice in Lyon is also considerable, as the region is known for its strong acceptance of ideals for electrical mobility.

Mission Zero

Also during EVS32, the Netherlands will again be well represented with a Holland pavilion under the Motto ‘ Mission Zero
As part of the mission we want to encourage as many companies and governments of the Dutch delegation as possible to travel to Lyon with the electric car (as a driver or co-driver). For example, we not only travel as much as possible, but we also show EVS32 that the Netherlands is doing a serious job of electric driving.

The electrical journey to EVS32 takes place on 18-19 May. We leave on Saturday morning 18 May at 09:00 am Amsterdam and will arrive on Sunday 19 May at the end of the afternoon in Lyon. On Saturday night we will be temporarily shooting with the Oranje Holland Pavilion near Vittel. The Dutch delegation will be officially received by Prince Albert of Monaco on Monday morning 20 May at EVS32.
Alderman for traffic and transport from Amsterdam, Sharon Deepak, rides the whole ride. A camera crew also travels to capture the trip. Furthermore, the municipality of Amsterdam also offers the possibility for participating companies to make their own pitch film with the camera crew to distribute during the EVS32. Also interested Dutch Joernalisten/bloggers will be able to hook up. The organization of EVS32 has already indicated a French journalist to ride.

Prince Albert II of Monaco.