Amsterdam Route Electric to Lyon!

By 21 August 2019 NEWS

On the way to the Electric Vehicle Summit in Lyon. A big top in the field of electric transport. We do this because we have great ambitions in Amsterdam to make our transport as clean as possible. At this summit we can not only get ideas, but also make good contacts with the business community and learn from other cities.

Sharon Dijksma – Alderman Amsterdam

The Electricity network can handle it clearly, as well as in the future. There will be many more charging lanterns if we do it in a clever way ‘ smart charging‘ we call it. And what is also smart is that you can charge your car with one pass anywhere in the Netherlands, we want to realize this in all of Europe as well. This also ensures that we as the Dutch can simply go on holiday without a problem of not finding EV charge infrastructure.

Baerte de Breij – ElaadNL

To make EV big we need smart solutions in the public space. 70 percent of the Dutch has no private parking space, but still wants to charge at home. Because this is the place where our vehicle is parked mostly. Such an infrastructure, smart light fixture, can also be extended to smart infrastructure, simply by adding, for example, telecom facilities and other sensors.

Peter-Paul Metz – Founder LightMotion – CEO Lightwell

Electric transport is really the future, and we need all the knowledge. The business community has this knowledge, so we embrace it.

Victor Eberhardt – Alderman of public Health, environment and emissionless Transport, youth and youth care, station, real estate.

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